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1 Year Diploma in Filmmaking & Photography

1 year Diploma

Filmmaking & Photography

Our 1-year filmmaking Diploma certificate program offers a thorough curriculum covering all facets of film production, including Photography and Web Series. Students will have practical experience in various genres, including music videos, ad films, product videos, and short films, emphasizing web series for OTT platforms, producing, screenplay, 3D animation, graphic design, directing, film appreciation, art direction, and lighting methods, are all covered in our program. Modern software and equipment, such as Adobe PremierePro, Adobe AfterEffects, and VFX/green screen effects, will be available to students.

Specialized photography topics like fashion, product, fire, street, and commercial photography are also included in our program. In addition, students will receive access to our studio membership and be able to attend fashion shows. Our extensive curriculum will give students the abilities and know-how to succeed in the film business.

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1 Year






10th Grade




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Diploma in Filmmaking


A film director controls a film's artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the screenplay (or script) while guiding the film crew and actors. The director has a key role in choosing the cast members, production design and all the creative aspects of filmmaking. A film director's task is to envisage a way to translate a screenplay into a fully formed film and then to realize this vision. To do this, they oversee the artistic and technical elements of film production.

This entails organizing the film crew in such a way to achieve their vision of the film and communicating with the actors. This requires skills of group leadership, as well as the ability to maintain a singular focus even in the stressful, fast-paced environment of a film set. Moreover, it is necessary to have an artistic eye to frame shots and to give precise feedback to the cast and crew, thus, excellent communication skills are a must.

Crafting Dreams, Framing Stories: Where Vision Meets Motion

Film Direction


Movie Maker

DFA welcomes you to explore the realm of filmmaking through our comprehensive one-year diploma program. In this brochure, we will delve into the profound importance of working as a Director in films and why it stands as a cornerstone for a thriving career in the industry.

Creative Visionaries: Directors are the visionary leaders behind the scenes, shaping the artistic direction of a film, and bringing stories to life.

Pioneers: They possess the unique ability to transform a script into a captivating narrative, making every scene meaningful and memorable.

Collaborative Leadership: Directors guide actors and crew, fostering a collaborative environment where each member contributes their expertise to achieve the director's vision.

Decision-Making Authority: Directors make critical decisions in real-time, from shot composition to pacing, ensuring the film's cohesiveness and impact.

Influence on Aesthetics: They play a pivotal role in crafting the film's visual and auditory elements, determining its style, mood, and emotional resonance.

At DFA, we recognize the pivotal role of Directors in filmmaking. Our one-year diploma program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills essential for this demanding role.


Where Creative Visions Take Center Stage

  • Theory and Practice

    Our curriculum combines theory with hands-on practice, allowing you to hone your directorial skills through real film projects.
  • Experienced Faculty

    Learn from industry experts with vast directorial experience, gaining invaluable insights and mentorship.
  • Storyboarding and Script Analysis

    Dive deep into the art of storytelling through script analysis, storyboarding, and shot composition.
  • Cinematic Craftsmanship

    Master the technical aspects of filmmaking, from camera operation to editing, ensuring you have a well-rounded skill set.


Discover the Magic of Cinematography at
Delhi Film Academy


Why Cinematography?

and why it is important in Films?

In the world of filmmaking, the power of cinematography cannot be understated. At Delhi Film Academy, we understand that cinematography is much more than just capturing images; it's about weaving a visual narrative that speaks directly to the heart of the audience. Our dedicated program is designed to transform your vision into compelling visual stories.

Our curriculum dives deep into the art and science of cinematography. Learn to master the interplay of light and shadow, the dynamics of camera movement, and the subtleties of composition and color. We teach you how to create mood, tone, and emotion, turning each frame into a masterpiece.

Some details for you

Beyond the
Camera Lens

Cinematography at Delhi Film Academy is not just technical expertise; it’s an artistic journey. You will learn how to use the camera as a storyteller, making every shot contribute to the narrative arc.

Hands-On Experience with
Industry Standards

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide access to industry-standard equipment and software, ensuring that you're not just ready for the industry but ahead of the curve.

Art and Technique

Delve into the artistry and technical skills of cinematography. Develop your unique visual style, understanding how camera dynamics enhance storytelling.

Cinematic Magic

Enhance your filmmaking skills with hands-on experience in cinematography. Join us and bring your vision to life!

Live Sound Recording

The significance of live sound recording cannot be overstated.


The Essence of Live Sound

Why Live Sound Recording?

In the world of filmmaking, sound is often overshadowed by visuals, but it plays a pivotal role in shaping the viewer's experience. "Live Sound Recording" is the heart of cinematic audio, capturing authentic sounds on set that breathe life into every frame.

From the rustling of leaves to the nuances of dialogue, live sound recording ensures that the audience is immersed in the world of the film, enhancing emotional impact, and preserving the authenticity of performances.

The significance of live sound recording cannot be overstated. It ensures dialogue clarity, minimizes post-production work, and infuses realism into the cinematic experience. Quality sound recording is not just about technical process.

it's an art that enables filmmakers to convey emotions, build tension, and create memorable auditory landscapes.

how does it impact?

Sound can make the audience feel as if they are part of the story.

Some details for you

Authenticity Matters

Live sound recording captures the genuine sounds of the environment and actors' performances, creating a more authentic viewing experience.

Emotional Impact

Quality sound enhances the emotional depth of a film. It can make the audience feel as if they are part of the story, immersing them in the narrative.

Dialogue Clarity

Live sound recording ensures that every word of dialogue is crisp and clear, eliminating the need for dubbing or additional dialogue recording.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Sound recording captures the ambiance and atmosphere of the location, adding depth and realism to the visuals.

Hands on learning

Start with basics and build a solid understanding of cinematography and lighting techniques


Cinema Lighting

Special focus on the art of lighting at Delhi Film Academy

From the very basics to advanced techniques, our comprehensive curriculum equips you with the skills to excel in various genres, including ad-films, product films, music videos, web series, and short films. Gain practical experience through immersive workshops and real-world projects. Explore lighting for various genres, allowing you to adapt your skills to any creative challenge. Master the art of lighting for VFX, a crucial skill in today's filmmaking industry.

Get practical experience in real-world scenarios, working on actual projects under the guidance of industry experts. Start from the basics and build a solid understanding of cinematography and lighting techniques.

Why does it matter?

It is not just technical expertise, it’s an artistic journey

Some details for you

Lighting for Films

Lighting enhances mood, emphasizes details, and guides focus, crucial for storytelling in filmmaking, shaping the atmosphere and conveying emotions effectively.

Mastering the Fundamentals

Start your journey with a strong foundation in filmmaking, understanding the importance of lighting as a storytelling tool.

Genre Versatility

Explore various genres to hone your skills, from creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic scene to crafting intense suspense in a thriller.

Advanced Lighting Techniques

Dive deep into complex lighting setups, including those tailored for VFX, ensuring you're ready for the most demanding projects.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe

Script writing


Script Writing

  • Script writing is the process of creating a written work that tells a story through dialogue, action, and description, with the intention of being produced as a film or television show.
  • Whether you are shooting a film, television show, or web series, the script is the backbone of any production. Without a shooting script, actors, directors, and producers are unable to set up the necessary elements to bring a production to life.
  • Storytelling Pioneers: They possess the unique ability to transform a script into a captivating narrative, making every scene meaningful and memorable.
  • However, to complete a screenplay, one must understand the structure, character, plot elements, and the proper format--facets of screenwriting that are learned, not intuited.
  • As such, the Delhi Film Academy prepares students to master the fundamentals of writing scripts while gaining an intimate knowledge of the elements that help a script go from page to screen.
  • Learn the art of storytelling and screenplay writing at Delhi Film Academy, where we empower aspiring filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life on the silver screen

Equipment Handling

Proficiency: Learn to handle a variety of cameras, from DSLRs to high-end cinema cameras, enabling you to capture the perfect shot.

Lenses and Focal Lengths: Understand the nuances of different lenses and focal lengths, empowering you to make informed creative choices.

Tripods and Stabilization: Achieve steady shots with expert knowledge of tripods, gimbals, and other stabilization equipment.

Lighting Gear: Discover the art of setting up and operating lighting equipment to create the desired mood and atmosphere.

Sound Equipment: Gain expertise in using microphones, recorders, and sound mixers to capture pristine audio for your films.

Grip Equipment: Master the essential grip gear for precise control over camera movements and placements.

A Vital Skill In Filmmaking


Product Videos

Master the Art of Engaging and Persuasive Product Videos at Delhi Film Academy


Product Videos

Why are they important?

Product videos are crucial marketing tools. They visually showcase products, boost understanding, and increase conversion rates. Their shareability on social media and mobile-friendliness extend their reach, while analytics offer insights.These videos are essential for brand visibility, trust-building, and driving sales in a competitive landscape. This is why Delhi Film Academy offers the topic in your one-year diploma course so you can capture the huge market for product video films.

Videos are inherently more engaging and visually appealing than text or static images. They allow you to showcase your product in action, highlighting its features Vand benefits.

Some details for you


Product videos provide an opportunity to demonstrate how your product works, giving potential customers a clear understanding of its functionality. This can be especially useful for complex or innovative products.


Videos allow you to tell a compelling story about your product, its origins, and its value proposition. This can help create an emotional connection with your audience.

Social Media Engagement

Video content is highly shareable on social media platforms. By creating engaging product videos, you can tap into social media's viral potential and reach a wider audience.

Global Reach

Product videos can be shared and understood by people from different cultural backgrounds and languages, making them effective for reaching a global audience.

Unveiling the World Through Documentary Filmmaking

Documentary Filmmaking

  • At Delhi Film Academy, we understand that documentary filmmaking is more than just a craft; it's a journey into the heart of storytelling. It's an exploration of the real world, capturing non-fiction narratives that inform, educate, and inspire. Our 1-year diploma in Filmmaking & Photography is tailored to guide you through this captivating genre.
  • The Craft of True Storytelling

    Documentary filmmaking is a meticulous blend of art and research. It involves an extensive process of gathering facts, conducting interviews, and piecing together a narrative that speaks truth to power. Our program focuses on teaching you how to use various filmmaking techniques—such as voiceovers, archival footage, reenactments, animations, and interviews—to craft a documentary that resonates with audiences and stands the test of time.

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Admissions - Are - Open -
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Limited - Seats - Only -

Specialization In

Fashion Cinematography

shine in spotlight


Join Our Diploma Program

Equipment Training: Use professional- grade cameras and gear for high-fashion shoots.

Networking Opportunities: Build connections with designers, models, and event organizers.

Storytelling Pioneers: They possess the unique ability to transform a script into a captivating narrative, making every scene meaningful and memorable.

Portfolio Development: Compile a professional portfolio with footage from sponsored events.

Career Advancement: Placement support in fashion filmography and related fields.

  • Camera gimbals are indispensable tools in filmmaking, providing three-axis stabilization (pan, tilt, roll) to eliminate shaky footage.
  • These portable devices accommodate various cameras, from DSLRs to cinema rigs, ensuring smooth, professional shots in any setting.
  • Key considerations when selecting a gimbal include remote control functionality, battery life, and calibration accuracy
  • A camera gimbal is essential for achieving steady and fluid images in filmmaking and cinematography.
  • It stabilizes the camera, eliminating jerky or shaky movements, resulting in a polished cinematic appearance.
  • Camera gimbals play a crucial role in enhancing the visual quality of movies, ensuring a professional and engaging viewing experience.
  • Filmmakers rely on gimbals to capture dynamic scenes with precision and clarity, regardless of the shooting environment.
  • With their versatility and advanced features, camera gimbals are indispensable tools for filmmakers seeking to elevate the quality of their productions.

Why Us

We aim to bridge the gap between education and industry experience



Over The Top

A noteworthy achievement is our distinction as the pioneering film school in India to create a web series for film students. This initiative showcases their dedication to staying at the forefront of emerging trends in film and entertainment. By offering such immersive experiences, Delhi Film Academy equips aspiring filmmakers with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving.

Delhi Film Academy is the only film school in India which provides an OTT web series in 1 Year diploma program. This is a unique initiative started by Mr Abdur Rehman. This implies you will have a DFA-produced commercial web series in your portfolio efore receiving your diploma.

Process of Film Production

We follow all the essential phases in film production and our procedure guarantees a thorough and expert filmmaking experience

Some details for you


The first stage in starting a film is drafting the script, which includes all the decisions that determine the film's budget, genre, and runtime.


Film recce, short for reconnaissance, is a crucial step in pre-production. It involves scouting locations to assess suitability for scenes, considering logistics, and ensuring the creative vision aligns with practicality.

Film Direction

Film direction is the artistic and managerial process of translating a script into a visual and auditory masterpiece. The director guides actors, crew, and elements to bring a cohesive vision to the screen.

Sound Recording

Capture on-set sounds with precision using boom and lavalier mics for authentic, high-quality audio in film production.

Lighting for film

Lighting in films is an artful technique, shaping mood and enhancing visuals. Cinematographers use various lights to create atmosphere, highlight subjects, and convey emotions, ensuring a captivating cinematic experience.


Cinematography is the visual storytelling art in filmmaking. It involves camera work, composition, lighting,and movement to convey emotions and enhance the narrative

Elevate Your Editing skills

Post Production - Editing

Master the Art of Video Effects

Become Adobe After Effects Maestro

Create compositions in After Effects and use Dynamic Link to eliminate intermediate rendering in Adobe Premiere Pro. Are you ready to explore the exciting world of visual effects and motion graphics? Look no further than Delhi Film Academy's comprehensive 1-year diploma program, where you'll immerse yourself in the power and creativity of Adobe After Effects.

"VFX" means "Visual Effects"

Our Adobe After Effects-focused diploma program lets you will acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills

What You'll Learn


  • Introduction to After Effects

    Familiarize yourself with the interface, tools, and essential techniques of Adobe After Effects
  • Motion Graphics and Animation

    Dive into the world of animation, keyframing, and creating dynamic motion graphics.
  • Visual Effects

    Master the art of compositing, green screen keying, and special effects to transform your videos.
  • Text and Typography Animation

    Create eye-catching titles, kinetic typography, and animated infographics for your projects.
  • Advanced Techniques

    Explore advanced techniques such as 3D animation, particle systems, and character animation.
  • Expressive Storytelling

    Learn how to use visual effects to enhance your storytelling and engage your audience emotionally.


Howzzzz That

The film school blends creativity with sportsmanship, nurturing future cricket stars


Join us and participate

Delhi Film Academy offers a unique opportunity for its students to engage in a cricket tournament, allowing them to participate as players while honing their sports photography and videography skills.

This exciting blend of filmmaking and sports fosters a dynamic learning environment where creativity and athleticism go hand in hand, preparing future filmmakers for diverse and thrilling projects.


Basic to Advance

Let's talk about


  • Fundamental of photography

    It will introduce students to the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography, how digital cameras work,how to take good pictures using them, using light and shadow techniques creatively and how to enhance these pictures in the digital darkroom.
  • Understanding your camera

    Students will learn the working of the digital camera, equipment and how to make the most of their cameras through practical studio & location shoots demonstrations. In this module, students will learn about camera controls, ISO, metering, exposure, choosing the right lens and the basics of flash photography. They will also understand how and when to use optional accessories like filters a n d tripods. The module will help students to explore the concepts of depth of field, color theory, composition, white balance functions and gradually attain proficiency in shooting with their digital SLR cameras and standart lenses for still imaging through individual shooting assignments mentored by faculty.

Urban | Candid | Cityscape | Documentary


Street photography is indeed a fascinating and dynamic form of photography that allows photographers to capture candid moments and stories from everyday life.

Everywhere: Street photography is unique in that it allows photographers to find interesting stories and moments in the most ordinary of places. The streets are teeming with life, and a skilled photographer can find narratives in the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Patience: Street photography often requires patience because you're waiting for the right moment to capture a compelling image. It might involve waiting for interesting people, lighting conditions, or a particular interaction to occur.

Composition: Street photography provides an excellent opportunity to learn and practice the rules of composition, such as framing, leading lines, and the rule of thirds. These principles can help create visually engaging and impactful images.

Adaptation: Street photography often involves thinking on your feet and adapting quickly to changing situations. The photographer must be ready to capture unexpected moments as they unfold, making it a great exercise in spontaneity and creativity.

Street photography in a diploma program is a valuable addition as it provides students with practical skills, creative challenges, and an opportunity to develop their personal style as photographers. It encourages them to see the world in a different light and become more attuned to the stories.

There is more to photography

Travel Photography

Travel photography is a multifaceted genre that goes beyond simply capturing images of a location. It involves documenting the essence of a place, its people, and its culture.

  • Documentation of an Area: Travel photography serves as a visual record of a particular geographical area, showcasing its unique characteristics, such as landscapes, architecture, and natural beauty.
  • Landscape: It involves photographing the natural scenery of a region, including mountains, forests, rivers, and other geographical features that contribute to the area's visual appeal.
  • People and Cultures: Travel photographers often focus on capturing the people, their traditions, customs, and daily lives, providing a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle.
  • History and Monuments: Historical landmarks, monuments, and architectural wonders are common subjects in travel photography, highlighting the historical significance and artistic beauty of a place.
  • Emotional Expression: A well-executed travel photo not only portrays the physical attributes of a location but also conveys the emotions and atmosphere of that specific time and place.
  • Geographical Limitations: Travel photography transcends geographical boundaries. It allows photographers to capture the essence of a location without being restricted to a specific region.
  • Diverse Subject Matter: Travel photographers must be versatile and adaptable, as they encounter various shooting conditions. This includes low light photography indoors, working with available ambient light for exterior shots, and navigating challenging situations on the streets.

Interiod Architecture

Are you passionate about capturing the beauty of buildings, spaces, and design? Do you dream of bringing architectural marvels and interior wonders to life through the lens? Look no further than the Delhi Film Academy's 1-Year Diploma in Filmmaking & Photography, where we offer a comprehensive module dedicated to the art and craft of Interior & Architecture Photography.

  • Unveil Aesthetic Beauty: Learn how to reveal the hidden aesthetic beauty in architectural structures, whether it's the sleek lines of modern skyscrapers or the timeless charm of historic landmarks.
  • Master the Art of Composition: Explore the nuances of composition, angles, and lighting to create compelling images that emphasize the architectural elements.
  • Create Stunning Interiors: Dive into the world of interior photography, where you'll discover how to capture the essence of interior spaces, from cozy homes to luxurious hotels and chic cafes.
  • Technical Proficiency: Gain proficiency in specialized equipment and techniques such as tilt-shift lenses, HDR photography, and lighting setups that are crucial for interior and architectural photography.


Elevate your visual storytelling with the Delhi Film Academy's 1-Year Diploma in Filmmaking & Photography, featuring a dedicated module on Product Photography.

  • Commercial Excellence: Learn to capture products in their best light, enhancing their appeal for marketing and advertising.
  • Lighting Mastery: Explore advanced lighting techniques to showcase products with precision, bringing out textures, colors, and details.
  • Composition & Styling: Develop an eye for compelling compositions and product arrangements that make your shots stand out.
  • Studio Expertise: Gain hands-on experience in professional studios, utilizing industry standard equipment and setups.
  • Post-Production Skills: Enhance and retouch your product images using cutting-edge software for polished, market-ready results.
  • In-Demand Career: Product photography is essential in the world of e-commerce and advertising, offering numerous opportunities for a fulfilling career.

Food Photography

Food photography has indeed evolved over time and has become a specialized genre within photography. Just like other types of photography, food photography has its unique characteristics, requirements, and purposes.

It can be classifed into commercial Food Photography, editorial food photography, restaurant and menu photography, food styling, natural light food photography, product photography, social media and food blog photography, fine art food photography, culinary photography and food and travel photography.

Shooting Beverages

Photographing beverages presents unique challenges due to diverse packaging and industry-specific demands. Alcoholic drinks often demand stylized, mood-focused shots, while consumable liquids like juice or milk require clarity and freshness. Each bottle's shape leads to distinct highlights and shadows along its curves, making precise lighting and composition critical. Capturing the essence of beverages, whether for marketing, advertising, or presentation, involves mastering these techniques to convey their distinct qualities and appeal to the target audience effectively. Expertise in lighting, angles, and attention to detail is crucial in achieving striking and enticing beverage photography.

Shooting Metal & Glass

Capturing metal and glass products in photography requires meticulous attention. Metal's reflective nature calls for soft, controlled lighting techniques to manage glare and highlight intricate details. Glass products, highly reflective, benefit from strategic placement and backlit setups to emphasize their transparency and shape. Incorporating polarizers and anti-reflective coatings may further enhance results. Achieving striking imagery of these distinct materials necessitates expertise in lighting, angles, and technical finesse.


Types of Fashion Photography

Studio Photography


Studio In-Door Photography

  • Studio in-door photography involves several crucial considerations for successful shoots
  • Initial steps include preparations, arranging lights, and separating distinct light sources.
  • Selection of fill and key lights, timing, and applying appropriate modifiers are essential aspects of studio photography.
  • Understanding the functionality of multiple lights is crucial for effective control and adjustment.
  • Techniques for controlling light intensity in specific areas and diluting excessive brightness are essential skills.
  • Mastery of studio photography involves skillful manipulation of lighting for desired effects and ambiance.
  • Proper lighting setup enhances the overall quality and mood of studio photographs.
  • Studio photographers must be adept at utilizing various lighting techniques to achieve their desired artistic vision.

Outdoor Photography

  • Outdoor photography training involves regular outdoor shoots and on-location experiences for hands-on learning.
  • Students gain practical insights into executing commissioned outdoor shoots during these sessions.
  • Instruction covers the use of different lights and modifiers commonly employed in outdoor photography.
  • Students receive constructed briefs to guide them in creating high-quality imagery during outdoor shoots.
  • Practical experience enhances students' understanding of real-world challenges and techniques in outdoor photography.
  • These sessions allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings and refine their skills.
  • By working on constructed briefs, students learn to meet client expectations and deliver professional results.
  • Outdoor photography training prepares students to excel in capturing stunning imagery in diverse outdoor environments.

Fashion Photography


Fashion Photography


Live Model Shoot

  • Our 1-Year Diploma program includes live model photography sessions, enriching your skills in fashion photography.
  • Live model shoots offer hands-on experience, vital for mastering the art of capturing fashion imagery.
  • Model photography is essential for portraits, advertising, and fashion campaigns, providing diverse learning opportunities.
  • Engaging in a Fashion Photography course allows photographers to refine their skills through practical, real-world experience.
  • Hands-on training covers various aspects, including composition, lighting, and directing models for optimal results.
  • Live model photoshoots prepare photographers for the dynamic demands of the fashion and modeling industry.
  • Our program equips students with the expertise needed to excel in fashion photography and related career paths.
  • Elevate your photography skills and unlock new opportunities with our comprehensive Fashion Photography course.

Fashion Photography

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our industry-expert faculty will guide you through the fundamentals of fashion photography, lighting techniques, and post-production skills.
  • Hands-On Experience

    Get real-world experience with studio shoots, on-location sessions, and exclusive access to fashion events and shows.
  • Fashion Industry Insights

    Learn from guest lectures by renowned fashion photographers, models, and stylists, gaining valuable industry insights and networking opportunities.
  • Portfolio Development

    Build a stunning portfolio that showcases your unique style and creativity, essential for entering the competitive fashion photography field
  • Professional Equipment

    Build a stunning portfolio that showcases your unique style and creativity, essential for entering the competitive fashion photography field
  • Career Guidance

    Benefit from our career placement assistance and personalized mentorship, helping you launch your career in fashion photography.

Elevate Your Photography Skills with Real-World

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Delhi Film Academy's Photography Diploma offers a unique advantage – the chance to work on professional fashion shows, setting you on a path to success in the world of photography. Enroll today and make your mark in the industry!


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