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Delhi Film Academy

Delhi Film Academy is a game-changer in the film industry, not only helping students achieve their goals but also facilitating their entry into the world of OTT platforms. By providing opportunities to release their own web series on major OTT platforms, the Academy eliminates the struggle that many aspiring filmmakers face. It is common for film students to start their careers by working on weddings and pre-wedding projects, driven by the need to earn a living. However, despite holding one or two degrees in film studies, the industry does not always welcome everyone with open arms. Moreover, the high cost of living in Mumbai post-graduation proves to be a significant barrier for many students. Furthermore, the film industry often offers low pay for freshers, making it even more challenging to establish a foothold. In fact, only a mere 0.1% of students manage to secure opportunities to work in the film industry. Delhi Film Academy stands apart by offering a unique diploma program that provides direct work opportunities in the industry, a pioneering initiative that sets it apart from others in the field.


The Founder

Abdur Rehman-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom (1).png

Mr. Abdur Rehman, the founder, and director of Delhi Film Academy, is a distinguished figure in the film industry, fashion industry, and commercial ad films.
With his vast experience and expertise, he has made a significant impact in these creative fields.
Recognized for his exceptional talents, he has been honored with a prestigious award from the 'Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival.'
As a member of the Faculty of Film-Making, he imparts his knowledge and skills to aspiring filmmakers.
Mr. Rehman is also affiliated with the Screenwriter Association of India, further contributing to the development of the industry.
His remarkable achievements extend internationally, having been awarded for his outstanding work at the 48th Marin Country International Festival in California, USA. His movies have gained international recognition and have been broadcasted in China on NBTV 6. Additionally, his films have been selected for screening at renowned festivals such as Cannes, and he has presented a unique film at world film festivals in the United Kingdom. Mr Rehman's expertise is not limited to film production, as he has also worked as a Line Producer and Creative Director for 'Channel One Russia,' and has successfully collaborated on various web series and fashion weeks.

The Mission

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